Turn your videos into fundraising machines...

Truth Video gives your viewers a way to pay at the videos impulse point without re-directs,  links or clunky donation journeys. 

Increase Donations

Leverage your video content to raise more money for your mission.

Giving in Context

Ask for a specific donation at any point in your video content.

Smart Sharing

When your video is shared, your appeal for a gift goes with it!

Convert your video content into an efficient fundraising tool. See it in action...

Video is the most consumed digital content. 64% of supporters are more likely to act after watching a video.

Your video is one of the most powerful storytelling tools for a nonprofit. No other medium can create the understanding, trust and empathy for your cause like video does. Yet video requires a great deal of time, effort and money to create one.

Truth Video can help make the often laborious and costly process of raising funds easier and more convenient. You can now accept donations with one-click inside of any of your nonprofit’s videos. Upload a video, or broadcast live from anywhere, and anyone watching can click on the “donate” button without ever leaving their video experience.

Truth’s actionable videos are shareable– anywhere. Circulate your videos within your community so they can share your video and help amplify its fundraising potential. Enable those who want to support your cause to create content on your behalf that will drive donations directly back to your nonprofit. You can also sell your swag through our system and pair them with any video.

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